Philip can be hired for various educational work, from large venue talks, to seminars and smaller group workshops. He has done frequent talks on 4K, as well as motivation and storytelling. 

His smaller group workshops of around 25 people tend to focus on storytelling and span anything from 2/3 days to longer. These have proved to be invaluable to attendees many of whom travel from different continents to attend. 

If you want to hire Philip for a workshop in your part of the world then CONTACT our office. 

Very small group and one to one private tuition is also available either from his West London base or by traveling to you, no matter where you are. These sessions are tailored to exactly what you want to learn and are some of the best value education you can get to improve your filmmaking skills. 

You can also hire Philip for consultancy whether for your filmmaking project or for your company. For any of these please CONTACT our office.